The hammam, the exfoliating scrub(gumming), the massages and the used natural products were elaborated for a long time to bring to each, exact energy, the perfect dosage which rebalances and revitalizes.

Hammam (Steam room) & Body Scrub

Beauty, relaxation, hammam in many to offer us, both at the level of the spirit and of the body.
Our Exfoliating scrub and our warps can be in hammam (steam room) or in cabin.

Bofy Warps

You have a dry, fat or sensitive skin every envelope is dedicated to have a skin sheen, for more relaxation during your care an exfoliating scrubing and a massage of feet will be lavished on you.

Ouar packages in hammam

Hammams where dad and mom can meet with youngs, friendly with their friends (is) everything is thought to gather(combine) the family or the friends (are) during these privileged moments.

Cheque Present

A Good session offer Belong to your close relations, has your friends and to your family presented under good present, our range of care gets you to each the care which it is necessary to him(her) and which(who) is going to please!!! Do not hesitate has to offer the relaxation, the joy of living...

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