Facial Treatment

It is of their nature that women take care of their beauty, especially of their face. Caring for your body and face is a living style, for man and woman.

Veiled for you dear Madam, dear Sir the secrecy of the Eastern beauty

Cleaning the face with rose water **Removing blackheads ** face Exfoliation ** 1st mask then 2nd mask**Massage of the neck and feet during facial masks

Etapes du soin

*Nettoyage du visage à l’eau de rose*Extraction des comédons *Exfoliation du visage *Pose du masque *Massage des pieds pendant la pose du masque *Modelage du visage

Boone Mine (45mn)


Nourishing Honey Facial Mask

Soothing Mast For Dry Skin (1h)


Multi-plant Nourishing Treatment (1h)


Purifies, eliminates facial toxins, activates and regenerates cells. It leaves your skin smooth, sharp and soft.

Special Care for Man (45mn)


It radiates your dull skin due to stress.

Children Face Treatment (30mn)


(Whether skin has a problem or only for a glare massage)

7 days / 7 days

9:00 – 20:00

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