Family Massage

Isis Spa offers all family members, from the youngest to the oldest, a chance to discover with intensity the unique benefits of the oriental spa

Future Mom Massage


Future mothers receive special care. Their body needs the softness of reliving massage and plants that energize and relieve. -Future mothers benefits from a strengthening care that revitalizes while the baby is soothed by a pleasing belly.

Baby Massage - Sweet almond oil '15mn'

'15mn' 100dhs/pers

Relaxation for baby angel

Teen Massage

'30mn' 230dhs/pers

Teenagers, whose major problem mostly lies in their appearance, are offered a different care for the treatment of skin. They are left with a well-being sensation and a self-satisfying feeling.( or you can write: and completely satisfied with themselves)

Massage senior

'1h' 400dhs/pers

Seniors are also included in our set of massages. Senior massage with Argan oil is particularly for them. It is adapted to their physiology that requires deep care and gentle work

7 days / 7 days

9:00 – 20:00

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