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Soins pour les enfants Marrakech

A lot of sweetness and comfort under the eyes of one of the parents, this treatment allows the discovery of well-being … These effleurages, made with the gourmet flavors of those of the world of childhood … Adapted maneuvers to your children .. Princesses and princes of the Arabian Nights

- 280dhs

Soin le petit prince 1h20 

Hammam + gommage douceur + savonnage jardin des princes+ Jacuzzi + 30mn de massage.

2h00 - 450dhs

Beauty treatment of the little princess

Hammam + gentle scrub + face care child + massage 30mn + pedicure and glamor manicure.

620dhs/2pers - 890dhs/3pers

Care Happiness together

Hammam, scrub with almonds, honey and rose + body mask with rose clay + foot scrub + soap + shampoo + shower + jacuzzi + 45min massage.

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