Art of Massage

The Angel Hands Art

After a deep relaxing massage, the fullness that emanates from the body prepares it to receive: health and harmony…!

Note: There are certain massages with contraindications like: feverish or febrile state, pregnant women (before 12 weeks), epilepsy, phlebitis, immunodepression …. etc (please inform us)

Oriental Relaxation Massage

1h 350dhs/pers

Complete Relaxation

Moroccan Tonic Massage

1h 350dhs/pers

Stimulating effect

Back and Neck Massage

1h 350dhs/pers

Immediate well-being

Facial and Scalp Massage

1h 350dhs/pers

Bright and baby soft skin

Foot massage

1h 350dhs/pers

To regain harmony and well-being to preserve or restore a state of good physical and psychic health.

4 Relaxing Hands Massage


Intense relaxation

7 days / 7 days

9:00 – 20:00

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