ISIS Treatments for Kids

Princesses and Princes of the One Thousand and One Nights

Pleasing sweetness and comfort under the eye of parents. This care leads to the discovery of well-being. These effleurages, made with flavored gourmets, are of the childhood world… Suitable maneuvers to your children

Care for Angel Prince '1h20'

280 dhs/pers

Hammam + sweet scrub + soap garden prince + Jacuzzi + 30mn massage

Beauty Care for Angel Princess ''2h'


Hammam + child care + massage 30mn + pedicure and glamorous manicure.

Happiness Together ' 1h30'

850dh/2pers ** 1250dh/3pers

Hammam, almond scrub with honey and rose clay + body mask with rose clay + foot scrub + soap + shampoo + shower + 30min massage.

7 days / 7 days

9:00 – 20:00

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