Facial treatment

Soin du visage anti age Marrakech

For decades the woman has been taking care of her beauty and especially of her face, taking care of her body and her face has passed into the customs, a man is no longer the exception. To you Madam, sir, the secrets of oriental beauty. Care steps: * Facial cleansing with rose water * Extraction of blackheads * Facial exfoliation * Mask application * Foot massage while applying the mask * Facial modeling

50min - 300dhs

Good Mine Care

Nourishing mask with honey

50min - 300dhs

Dry skin care with red clay

Moisturized skin, nourished and sublime

50min - 300dhs

Nourishing care multi plants

Purifies, eliminates toxins from the face, activates, regenerates cells, after care your skin smooth, clean and softened

50min - 300dhs

Special care him

The stress the skin is dull, you find radiance and radiance

30min - 200dhs

Child face care

Problem skin or only for a glare

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