Family Massage


Family massage Marrakech

Family trip, the happiness of a sharing between parents and children, an inescapable and unconditional love


Future massage mother with sweet almond oil

The future mother is given special care, her body needs the softness of the massage and the plants which lighten and relieve.
The all-new mom benefits from treatments that strengthen and revitalize while the baby is soothed by a special massage created for him.

15min - 100dhs

Baby massage – sweet almond oil

Relaxation for the little angel


ADO Massage  30min 

Teens, whose main problem lies in the appearance, are offered specific care for the treatment of the skin. More than well-being, they get a new image of themselves.

60min - 350dhs

Senior massage

Senior massage with argan oil: The seniors have not been forgotten, the care grid is particularly adapted to their physiology which requires a more in-depth and smooth work.

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