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Isis Spa & wellness in Marrakech for the whole family A concept of family spa created by a professional Laila zouet

The space of Isis Spa offers a wide range of relaxation treatments

A center where art meets beauty, a center where the customer is unique, a center where creation is our motivation is the result of many years of research, studies and experiences.


Traditional hammam with the exfoliating scrub (gumming bring you happy relaxing moments. The natural products we use in massages are elaborated for a long time to suit and smooth your skin

Facial Treatment

It is of their nature that women take care of their beauty, especially of their face. Caring for your body and face is a living style, for man and woman.


After a deep relaxing massage, the fullness that emanates from the body prepares it to receive: health and harmony

Family Packages

The Happy Family Care

A concept for harmony of body and mind for all family members, each care is adapted to the age of the client, we have care for couples, massages for children and seniors, woman pregnant, caring for parents and their children.

ISIS SPA your family center, the best gift is the time that the family spend together

ISIS SPA a safe bet, our goal is to pamper you, make your life more enjoyable

7jrs/7jrs | 9:00 – 20:00

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